Saturday, April 24, 2010

kabhi yoon..........

For the gals who have special waiting for special one in her eyes and will get the true love and best one day. Eyes and the feelings have same flag, true eyes have true feelings....(in search of not true love but the true feelings which can be expressed by the true eyes...)

beh jate kabhi yoon mere raaste,
kabhi mehek jate kaanto bhare mere raaste..

kabhi reh jati yoon yeh sooni galiyaan,
kabhi mehekti meri kaanto bhari galiyaan..

beh jate yoon to mere ansoo kabhi, 
sookh jati yoon to meri aankhe bhari bahri..

na daaman h mera ab to yoon bhara bhara,
sooni hai raahen aur mann mera yoon khara khara..

sehej k rakhi thi maine yoon sooni raahein aur baahein,
mera daaman mein tum ho aaj aur meri aankhe yoon jhuki!!


sanjay agrawal said...

it a mindblowing dear, perhabs such kind a gal in my life too......

Rishika agarwal said...

@sanjay:thanks for the comment!
may i know who are you sir??

Ashish said...

Given my awful poem understanding skills I'd need an explanation from you :)...

I got the message of the poem but not sure is it the one you intended to...

So will catch ya soon!


Rishika agarwal said...

@ashish: yeah sure..i will give you the full explanation to you soon..
do not worry.. and this is the one i forwarded to all my frnds..

catch you soon!